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W&L Academic Technologies

Academic Technologies Services

Learning Management System 

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LECTURE CAPTURE / Video Management

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Training and Support

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Classroom Polling/Surveys

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Washington Hall 115

Classroom Technology

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"Semper Varia: Representations of Elizabeth" timeline

Data Visualization and Digital Humanities (DH) Tools

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Graphics and Design

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LinkedIn Learning

Online Video Courses

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Web Forms

W&L Form Builder
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Microsoft Forms
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WordPress Web Site/Blog Creation

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Technology for Checkout

IQ Center

3D model of Orcagna Matthew Triptych
3D printed sculptures - Fall 2018
W&L student in HTC Vive VR headset


investigating small objects and structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye by using microscopes

Motion Capture

digitizing motion in order to map it onto a graphical object


creating a map, drawing, measurement, or 3D model through processes of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images.

Prototyping/Digital Fabrication

designing and creating that combines 3D modeling or computing-aded design (CAD) with additive (i.e. 3D printing) and subtractive manufacturing (i.e. laser cutting)

Virtual Reality

realistic and immersive simulation of a 3D environment, created using interactive software and hardware, experienced or controlled by movement of the body

Pedagogy &
Professional Development Programs

Technology & Tacos Luncheon Series

Technology & Tacos
Lunch-and-Learn Workshop Series

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Digital Storytelling and Podcasting Workshops

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Fall and Winter Academy

Spring Term Festival 2022, Friday, May 20, in the Harte Center from 12-2 pm

Spring Term Showcase

Teaching and Learning Consultation

W&L students in an active learning classroom (CGL 115)

Active Learning Methods 

Julie Knudson using the Learning Glass lightboard

Flipping the Classroom

Tucker Hall 114

Learning Space Usage

Bill Hamilton and VR in the IQ Center

Teaching with Technology